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Mike DeHaan & Dan Austin

Real Investors telling Real Investing Stories

As the owners and operators of a successful direct to seller real estate investing company, we know what it actually takes to actually make it in this business. After being inundated with investing content that is all fluff and frills that sets unrealistic expectations, we started Collecting Keys to give listeners an inside look into what this business looks like day to day. 

We share all the details including the big wins, horror stories, and unique challenges that you can expect if you really want to be a full time investor. 

Additionally we break down the exact steps YOU can take to start talking to motivated sellers and potentially change your life by investing in real estate.

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Change your life with real estate investing!

Subscribe and get the exact 5 steps process to start generating off market leads in just 2 weeks. + upcoming guides, courses and mentorship opportiunities.

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