EP 50 – Building Multiple 7 Figure Businesses While Still Having a W2 With Sterling Chapman

Episode 50
Through his successful corporate career in Telecom, today’s guest mastered the art and science of sales, funnel management, marketing, strategic business planning, and financial forecasting, and he used these skills to build multiple seven-figure real estate businesses.
Tuning in, you’ll hear from Sterling Chapman, a father, husband, real estate investor, and podcast host of The Rent Roll Radio Show
Sterling began his real estate investing journey in 2018 by purchasing single-family houses and quickly moved up to duplexes and fourplexes, flipping houses, and eventually large multifamily, all while working full time!
Listen in as we discuss the importance of creating systems to help you grow your real estate business without leaving your W2. 
You’ll find out why Sterling believes that multifamily syndicators should be less obsessed with doors and he shares his perspective on the value of tripling down on your strengths and building solid partnerships to complement your weaknesses, plus so much more.
If you’re someone who is interested in real estate investing but you’d still like to hold onto the security and benefits that your W2 offers, this is the episode for you! 

Topics discussed in this episode:
  • The economic safety that motivated Sterling to invest in real estate
  • Insight into some of his first investments
  • How his investment strategy has evolved over the years
  • Why Sterling is flipping houses to finance multifamily deals
  • Seller financing mistakes Sterling made and lessons learned
  • Debunking the vanity metric of ‘unit stacking’
  • Tips for growing your real estate business without leaving your W2
  • The benefits of managing your energy, not your time
  • How to triple down on your strengths by forging solid partnerships
  • Why building strong relationships (and a strong buyers list) is key
  • A look at Sterling’s portfolio and his approach to cash flow forecasting
  • Some creative financing strategies to consider
  • Why Sterling doesn’t recommend living off acquisition fees
  • The story of the tenant that made Sterling quit property management!
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